Scavenger Quest

Scavenger Quest

Get your team ready for an awesome quest!  Part scavenger hunt, part trivia, part wacky group photos and team cheers, part competition, and ALL fun!

Our Scavenger Quests have been played in areas as small as a single office building to places as large as a twenty-square block downtown!  Participating teams are given a packet with tasks, trivia, photo challenges and other fun activities and must fan out across the area to complete as many tasks in the time allotted.  Creativity is rewarded, especially in the photo contest areas!

Past Scavenger Quests have included having your picture taken in the back of a police car, getting your teeth “cleaned” at a dentist, mastering competition-level cup stacking, and so much more.

We can design a Scavenger Quest for your group from 20-1000 people.  All Scavenger Quests are tailored to your area and your company, organization, or group.  No two Scavenger Quests are alike, so this is perfect for a recurring event for your staff, your guests, or your volunteers.

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