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Escape Games

Recently had the opportunity to experience their "Escape Game in a Box". What a wonderful, engaging and fun experience. Suitable for team building, client appreciation or family fun, it can be enjoyed in your home or office as well as the FunVenture facility. Check it out! - David D'Agostino

Can You Solve the Box in Time?

Escape Rooms are the rage in the Adult Themed Entertainment sphere. But where escape rooms are stationary, meaning you and your family or staff have to travel to their location at their specified time to play the game, FunVenture's exciting new "Escape Game in a Box" concept comes to you on your own schedule!

FunVenture's Gamemaster will roll in a themed box, explain the rules, and then hang around to offer clues and hints when you get stuck.  


Your team's goal is to get into the box with minimal clues, solve all the unique and unusual puzzles inside, navigate any roadblocks along the way, and decipher the final "solution" to win in the sixty minutes allotted.  Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious?


Escape Game in a Box is designed for 3-8 players.  Corporate clients often book the game box for several hours, allowing numerous groups of employees to participate in this unique team-building exercise.  

Current Escape Game Boxes include "The Billionaire's Challenge" and "Treasure in Grandpa's Attic."


Contact us today to book your own Escape Game In A Box at your location!

Single Box Ideal for groups of 4-8.  Additional Boxes Needed for 9+.

An impeccable choice for team building, company holiday parties, casual parties, family events.

To book your Escape Game in a Box at our location for a Friday or Saturday, order your tickets below:

We are only a phone call away!

Byron: 407-376-2086
Tim: 352-242-8111
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