Downtown Decathlon

It's Like The Olympics... for Partygoers!

Have you ever wanted to compete at the highest levels of a sport, but all the time you SHOULD be practicing and improving your game you've wasted in a sports bar or cigar lounge?


Well, good news!  The Downtown Decathlon is the perfect event for those of you who are better at giant Jenga than pole vaulting and play a meaner game of beer pong than shot put.


The Decathlon challenges teams of 3-4 people to complete games at ten different bars and restaurants in and around downtown to crown the CHAMPIONS!  Some games are played against other teams, while some are played for the individual scores.  All teams reconvene at the final location for the last game to determine the winners!


Did we mention that there's beer, wine, and booze along the way?!? FunVenture's Downtown Decathlon can be staged in any downtown or similar urban setting with at least three restaurants/bars.

Ideal for groups of 20+.

A perfect choice for fundraisers, company holiday parties, community events.

Book your own Downtown Decathlon in your town today!

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