Live Mystery Party

Murder is No Game!  Or Is It?

Complete with stale plots and mass-produced rubbery chicken dishes, murder mystery dinners have been a staple of the entertainment industry for years and frankly, they're starting to look their age.

The team at FunVenture have recreated the old relic by putting a twist on the old murder mystery board game and turning the entire affair into a themed party!

Typically staged in a real historic home, FunVenture's "Clue! Live Mystery Party" pits teams of three or four on a search for the killer, the murder weapon, and the place of the crime.  Teams solve "escape game-type" puzzles in some rooms of the home and use the others to interrogate other teams and hunt for additional clues.  Games include exciting new suspects, including Tyler the Pool Boy, Scott the Reality Show Producer, and Amala the Devious Business Partner, wielding weapons like the Selfie Stick, the Jumper Cables, and the Can of Expired Mac-and-Cheese.

Ideal for groups of 24-48.

A perfect choice for fundraisers, company holiday parties, team building exercises, and more!

Currently our most popular game, you can book your own with as few as 12 players.  Contact us today!

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