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Audio Game: December 2019

No Actors, Script or Safety Net...

Plug your earbuds into your phone, dial our number, and then do whatever the narrator tells you to do.


Are you brave enough to play Audio Game?


It's been described as Simon Says crossed with a flashmob.  Conceived by Tim & Byron as a one-time community experience, Audio Game has morphed into a semi-regular event that invites the community to play as a group to complete tasks like "high-fiving a stranger" and "forming a congo line" or "singing TV theme songs" along to a narrator's instructions in the middle of groups of unsuspecting strangers who don't have the soundtrack in their own ears!


Want to join in, but can't get to the winter version that the boys put on in their hometown every year?  Reach out to FunVenture and have Tim & Byron's team put together an Audio Game experience for your own group.  Each 30 to 45 minute experience comes complete with professional music and narration tracks mixed to your needs, all crafted to your chosen location and the needs of your group.

Ideal for groups of 24+.

A perfect choice for company holiday parties, team building exercises.


Audio Game is narrated by Lake County native, Shananne Cain. 

Photo credit: Jennifer Slater, 1000 Words Gallery

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